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When we think to make a website the first thing which comes in the mind is what should be the name of the website and that name is called a domain name. We have to register a domain name to a registrar and the common registrar are bigrock , godaddy, hostgator. Some Example of domain name are :


Hosting is the space which we have to buy to host our website. There are different type of hosting are
1. Linux Hosting
2. Windows Hosting
And there several hosting features such as :
1. Dedicated Hosting
2. VPS
3. Shared Hosting According to the need of the organization , Organization purchase it.Linux Hosting is a cheap way of hosting in comparison to window hosting.Because linux is an open source operating system. Open source means free operation system.But window operating system is paid operating system So window hosting is more expensive.


Email Marketing is quite popular these days to marketing the business. Our company does email marketing for aur clients.We see to do this clients sales is increased and clients company get publicity.


Bulk Sms marketing is another way of marketing that quite popular these days. Through Bulk SMS we can send text(Msg) to thousands of people in few minutes. It increase the sales and clients.And our company is capable in doing this.


Iphone Application is a mobile application that can only run in iphone mobiles. Iphone application is different from android application in terms of platform. Application is quite popular these days. We see every company or organization making their application to reach people quickly.That's why the demand of the application is increased as the demand increased ,the IT companies make these application to their clients.


Android Application is run in android mobiles and the android mobiles are popular for their android application. Android is an open source operating system because of this every body make their application in android platform atleast.


Let your customers filter the products the way they want, more than 25+ options and filters for advanced and easy product searching.


PHP/ASP/JSP are those languages which are used to make Dynamic or CMS based website. PHP full form is Hypertext Preprocessor ,PHP is an open source language and 80 percent website are made in PHP ,So this language is a quite famous and most popular. Asp full form is Active Server Page and it is developed by Microsoft. An asp is scripting language which is also used to make websites. JSP is an acronym for Java Server Pages , It is most secure language and this language is used to make web application.


Joomla and magento both are CMS, CMS is an acronym for Content Management System and these content management system are very popular these days. These CMS are used to make websites. It save time and money and it is quite popular these days because 50 % websites are made in the CMS platform.


CakePHP is a free and open source, rapid development framework for PHP. But CakePhp is not used so much these days. There are many factors behind this
1. Lack of knowledge
2. Competition with PHP,ASP,JSP and CMS


Zend Framework is a free and open source PHP framework. Zend framework is giving competition to Cakephp. But these framework are not popular and very few people want to make their website in this type of framework.


Bootstrap and Foundation are the framework which is used to make a responsive design. Bootstrap and foundation are competitor with each other. These framework are also competitor to responsive design.

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Immortal Solutions knows the importance of facebook promotion, We suggest our clients always active in facebook... Always post some information regarding your work in your facebook page and always tell your friends to like your post and company's facebook page.It increase traffic in your page and website. Some people around the world only do this method of promotion.

Our company also do SMO (Social Media Optimization) because some people or companies have no time to do this... So our company do this type of promotion for our clients. We have skilled employees and have 2 to 3 years of experience each.